Monday, March 26, 2012

Facebook Group

In the transition to the new groups pages, Facebook deleted all of the old group members for the Fourth Wave Feminism site there...and I just realized it. Now we only have five members!

Join Us!

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Future of Feminism, Days Twenty thru Twenty-Five

I was at a conference in Boston Wednesday-Sunday, so I'm a little behind posting my Future of Feminism Ms. posts to this blog. Sorry! Here are the blog posts from the past few days:

Day Twenty, Transfeminism and Its Conundrums (this one has a super-contentious comment section!)

Day Twenty-one (a guest post), Young, Queer and Sociologically Informed

Day Twenty-two, VAWA Goes Viral

Day Twenty-three (a guest post), The Hashtag is Mightier Than the Sword

Day Twenty-four, Anti-Bully Pulpits

Day Twenty-five, Shaping Feminist Spirituality

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