Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome to the Future of Feminism

I'm excited to announce that today marks the first day of my month-long series, "The Future of Feminism," over that the Ms. blog. I decided that this women's history month, I wanted to try something a little different:
I’m all for women’s history: I teach it in my women’s studies class, and I love learning about women politicians, scientists, artists and writers whose life stories were buried under a narrow-minded, patriarchal historical canon. I believe it is unequivocally important for women and men to understand that the conventional historical narrative often comes to us constricted and dulled, with many great women and people of color lost in the shadows. I hammer home in my students the importance of early feminist movements and ideas, how contemporary feminism rests on the shoulders of women who came before. But sometimes … sometimes I want to look forward to the future of feminism–not where we were, but how far we have left to go.

Come join me!

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