Thursday, January 20, 2011

It Gets Better: The Music Video(s)

I was listening to the Savage Lovecast the other day, and Dan Savage featured a new tune from comedian Rebecca Drysdale (whom one of my former contributors wrote about here a couple years ago), inspired by the It Gets Better Project, which Savage founded.

In any case, Drysdale's music video is pretty brilliant, not to mention hilarious (it does have explicit lyrics, just so you know). Also, just as a bonus, I've included a music video by former American Idol contestant Todrick Hall: a very different kind of "it gets better" anthem than Drysdale's satiric pop number (possible trigger warning).

You can also find a vast collection of heartfelt and (sometimes) heart-wrenching It Gets Better videos on their website and Youtube page. I posted a couple--less musical but no less compelling--videos a few months: President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their contributions to the project.