Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sarah Palin Back on TV -- What's the Harm?

I have a new post up at Ms. Magazine's blog (my first!). Here's an excerpt:
Discovery Networks’ announcement of its newest acquisition, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, a documentary series hosted by the state’s former governor, left me feeling conflicted. On the one hand, any mention of John McCain’s running mate provokes involuntary full-body shudders. I spent the presidential election campaign in a state of anxious high alert, wondering what Gov. Palin would say or do next. Wondering, in other words, what further platforms she’d find to display her homophobia (I’m sorry, tolerance for gay and lesbian lifestyles) or to pontificate about being staunchly anti-choice.

On the other hand, should her appearance on something as innocuous as an 8-hour Alaskan travelogue “told by one of the state’s proudest daughters” (according to Peter Liguori, chief operating officer of Discovery Communications) really inspire angst? What’s the harm if Palin coasts on her fifteen minutes of fame a little longer? She certainly wouldn’t be the first politician to delay her inevitable (hopefully) ride into the sunset.

But here’s the root of my unease: Despite the fact that the series will likely have nothing to do with politics, the idea of Sarah Palin’s Alaska isn’t innocuous.
Read the complete post (with links and photos and videos!) over at Ms.!

By the way, Ms. only just launched its blog a few weeks ago, and they have an excellent group of bloggers posting every day on a wide variety of topics. Take an hour to peruse the entire blog and/or add it to your feeds!


Dr. Jay SW said...

Congrats on the Ms. post.

While it seems unlikely she'll be talking about gay marriage or abortion, I've gotta disagree about the series "likely having nothing to do with politics." Palin has an utterly deplorable environmental record, so her hosting a documentary on the state where she favors oil drilling in pristine areas and shooting wolves from helicopters, and couldn't care less about the effects of global warming on polar ecology is inherently political, and anything but innocuous in itself, as well as in giving this demagogue more exposure...

Aviva DV said...

You're right, Jay, which was my point exactly. Technically, the series may not be political, but everything about Palin (especially her environment record, in this case) makes it political!