Saturday, August 8, 2009

Please say it ain't so, Colorado

"Colorado "Personhood" proposal's 2010 ballot title approved"

Am I losing my mind? Am I experiencing deja vu? Did we or did we not just shoot down this amendment last year?
Abortion opponents are one step closer to putting a "personhood amendment" on the 2010 ballot after the title of their proposal was approved Wednesday.

The next step is getting approval for the language on petition forms, and then gathering 76,047 valid voter signatures over the next six months.

The proposal differs from the failed 2008 "personhood amendment," said Leslie Hanks, vice president of Colorado Right to Life.

That proposal defined a fertilized human egg as a person, which proponents conceded confused the public. The new one refers to "the beginning of the biological development of that human being."
Sigh. At least this past year's amendment was defeated 73% to 27%, so I don't have to start glaring at all of my neighbors. Although I was stuck in traffic behind a car yesterday with the following lovely decorations: 1) a "right-to-life" pro-"personhood" bumper sticker, 2) an "America is number one" type sticker, 3) two American flags, one fluttering from each front window and, 4) the kicker, a bumper sticker which read "One Nation, One LANGUAGE, One God." Did I mention that there are a lot of Mexican immigrants in Colorado? Yeah.


TwoBodySolution said...

How is this going to play out, exactly? Will a woman who miscarries be subject to prosecution for involuntary manslaughter? Have they really considered the consequences of this absurd legislation?

Aviva DV said...

Unfortunately, it's a little too easy to get amendments onto the Colorado ballot. As I understand it, it's not much more complicated than collecting a certain number of signatures. People were outraged last year when the first version of this amendment was on the ballot (and defeated), so I can only hope that--if it makes it to the 2010 vote--most people will be equally skeptically as in '08.

They were saying last year that if this legislation did make it to law it would cause untold legal fees and problems for the government because of all the additional legislation it would require and all the court cases it might open up re: birth control and Plan B, not to mention abortion.