Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama, DOMA, Dean and Maddow

Or, the long-form alternative title for this post: Yes, Obama, changing the Civil Rights page on the White House website after your election and then defending(!?!) DOMA is not only ridiculous, but also downright insulting.


I haven't said much here yet about Obama's atrocious record so far when it comes to LGBTQ rights, mostly because I was abroad for three weeks and simply didn't have time...but also because I haven't been properly able to channel my outrage into coherent sentences. I'm still not sure I can manage the latter, but I can at least post here with a link to CREDO's newest petition, asking the Justice Department and the Administration to apologize for its abominable and hypocritical defense of DOMA. Please read and sign.

If you need to know more before you commit to a signature, Rachel Maddow and Howard Dean discussed the issues on Maddow's show last Monday (h/t AD Miller):

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frevi said...

I just signed and left the following additional note:

As a "straight" (heterosexual) American, I am outraged at the Justice Dept.'s offensive brief in defense of DOMA in particular and with the Obama administration's hypocritical dragging of feet on gay rights in general, incl. the ridiculous "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy in the military. As a voter for Obama in both the primaries and the general election, I feel mightily betrayed. Although there's practically no chance that I could be pushed to vote Republican, I vow that if this betrayal continues, I will not vote for Obama as president again, nor will I vote for any other Democrat who doesn't speak out against this outrage. Let's bring Howard Dean back for major office!