Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doctor Killed

I am outraged by the current news that a Kansas doctor who preformed abortions has been shot and killed.

Reproductive rights have been one of the key issues at play on my Midwestern campus. Countless protests and counter protests, picketing for access to safe and affordable birth control. A good friend of mine works at the only clinic in our area to offer all kinds of abortions and they have a steady stream of anti-choice protesters issuing them bomb threats and tracking down their staff and doctors. These sort of incidents serve as reminders of how much work needs to be done to undo the christian influenced sex "education" of many places in the US that serve up bullshit information as fact. Women need truth, not lies. Women need choices not oppression.

More details on Kansas abortion laws can be found here.

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(secret) lives said...

We need to focus our attention on the terrorism that occurs within the boundaries of our nation... including on anti-choice terrorists. I don't know if it has been ruled yet that the killer was an anti-choice activist, but I presume him to be so.