Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why analyzing your stats can be depressing

Ever week or so when I look at my statcounter, I marvel that the fact that after almost six months some of the most common search phrases that bring people to my blog are still the lyrics of 3OH!3's obnoxious song "Don't Trust Me," which I posted about back in November.

Searched variations from the past week include

"talk with your hips"
"shush girl shut your lips do the helen keller and talk with your hips"
"talk with your hips lyrics"
"shut your mouth do the helen keller"

And I seriously doubt people looking for lyrics have any interest in my critical feminist perspective on the song's offensiveness and misogyny. UGH!

What are the most inappropriate/weird/obnoxious search terms through which people have found your blog(s)?


Bonny Guang said...

for what it's worth, i looked for "3oh!3 don't trust me" trying to find any reaction to the song besides lyrics and videos, got nothing, googled "3oh!3 don't trust me feminist" and ended up on your site.

Aviva DV said...

Bonny, good point! That makes me feel at least a wee bit better...