Friday, April 24, 2009

Good Lord, WHY?

Can someone please explain this shit to me?

My eyes! It burns.

Basically: stand-up black man is lured away/stalked by an evil blond seductress ensuing in a black-on-white-woman catfight. Awesome.

This is the most horrific idea for a film I've seen a while. And, no, watching more clips from the film doesn't make it look any better.

Please...make it stop...


Anonymous said...

Because this movie is to brainwash, like all movies of this genre. Brainwash and excite to female submission. Like most media. Here's a haiku to make you feel better:
at stores i will let
a vagina with facial
hair this way you will

Aviva DV said...

You're right.

And anyone who rights a haiku to cheer me up? Awesome. ;-)