Sunday, March 1, 2009

Feminist Flashback #26

For this week's Feminist Flashback, the first Barbie commercial, from 1959. Lyrics and transcript below the cut.


[Female voice, singing]
Barbie, you're beautiful.
You make me feel
my Barbie doll is really real.

Barbie's small and so petite.
Her clothes and figure look so neat.

Her dancing outfit rings a bell.
At parties she will cast a spell.

Purses, hats and gloves galore,
and all the gadgets gals adore.

[Male voice, speaking]
Barbie dressed for swim and fun is only three dollars. Her lovely fashions range from one to five dollars. Look for Barbie wherever dolls are sold.

[Female voice, singing]
Someday, I'm gonna be exactly like you
Till then, I know just what I'll do.

Barbie, beautiful Barbie,
I'll make believe that I am you.

(H/T Feminist Law Professors)

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