Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're backing to stoning the gays...again

As Jon Stewart said during the Democratic National Convention, "In Colorado, you're either a rapture-awaiting promise keeper, or you drive a car that runs on gorp," and, yet again, a Colorado politician proves he is the former.

From The Colorado Independent:
A prominent national gay rights organization on Tuesday blasted Colorado state Sen. Scott Renfroe for comparing homosexuality to murder when he spoke Monday against a bill that would extend health benefits to same-sex domestic partners of state employees.

After quoting Scripture to call homosexual behavior a “detestable act,” the Greeley Republican said it would be “an abomination according to Scripture” for the Legislature to “(take) sins and (make) them to be legally OK.”

He continued: “I’m not saying (homosexuality) is the only sin that is out there. Obviously we have sin — we have murder, we have, we have all sorts of sin, we have adultery, and we don’t make laws making those legal, and we would never think to make murder legal.”

You can express your dismay to Senator Renfoe here, at ProgressNow Colorado.

In a turn of poetic justice, the bill passed the Colorado Senate with a relatively wide margin.

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AD Miller said...

I was inspired by NPR's coverage of Renfroe's speech to send emails to every single member of the Colorado State Senate asking that they both vote for the bill and speak out against Renfroe's bigoted comments. His comments are not only offensive and wrong, they are hateful and dangerous. Inflammatory comments such as these could be interpreted as an endorsement of violence against the LGBT community. I am disgusted by Renfroe's comments and even more disgusted by the GOP's unwillingness to condemn his dangerous bigotry. Please, send Renfroe a message, whether you're from Colorado or not.