Friday, February 27, 2009


So having just watched what according to reports might be the last episode of Privileged, I thought I would share with you Fourth Wave-ers. I may be one of the only people watching this shiny bubbly series that started in September on the CW. The show is certainly part eye candy, but it is also smart and has a lot of heart. In this week's episode teenager Sage is led to break-up with her Catholic boyfriend because he refuses to go to Marco's (the fabulous and hilarious chef at Sage's house) wedding to his boyfriend. On what other show would the topic of gay marriage be grounds for a break up where rich teens are involved (probably not Gossip Girl)? I have to say this week's episode really reminded me why I've been DVRing and watching all season. Plus Kathy Griffin was appropriately cast as the wedding planner.

The show is about Megan, an Ivy-league grad who wants to be a writer, but has yet to find her dream job. After she is fired from the NYC tabloid she was an assistant at, she moves back to her home town to tutor a pair of wealthy sisters who lost their parent's when they were young. Rose and Sage start out a pair of spoiled rich kids, but as the series has progressed their characters have developed, and their complex relationship has become one of the most interesting on the show. I like the show because it it smart and funny, and as Entertainment Weekly pointed out, while it hasn't really replaced Gilmore Girls, it does bring the banter. Here is their list of reasons the show should stay on the air:

1. Joanna Garcia
As tutor-to-the-rich Megan Smith (pictured, left), Garcia plays cynical and sunny, pretty and goofy, dark and funny. Think Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in one, with a little Veronica Mars on top.

2. The Gilmore vibe
Nothing can replace the Girls, but Privileged comes close, with heartfelt family stories, endearing side characters (Allan Louis' chef Marco -- pictured, right -- has his own series' worth of drama!), and sparkling banter.

3. The Twins
Megan's wealthy charges, Rose (Lucy Kate Hale) and Sage (Ashley Newbrough), struggle with Paris Hilton urges, date dorks and the help, and might even want to be a little smart.

4. Its Dark Side
Megan's mom, who ditched her when she was a kid, suddenly reappeared. She then stole $25,000 from Megan's boyfriend. Who was planning to use it as bail money for Megan's sister. Who was accused of running drugs.

5. Underrated Actors
Anne Archer as matriarch Laurel, Sharon Lawrence as Megan's mom, and cougar bait Robert Buckley (Lipstick Jungle) as her editor...they've earned their job security!

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