Monday, February 9, 2009

Virgin's Sexism?

I read an article from The Guardian (by way of the Huff Post) about this new Virgin Atlantic commercial, which has inspired some protest. Many viewers are decrying the ad's inherent sexism, an accusation that has plagued Virgin Airlines in the past. I thought I'd see if Fourth Wave readers want to weigh in on this minor "controversy."



rebelleink said...

I'd say to name a corperation 'Virgin' is boardline sexist...

this ad? If they were selling beer, this would be tame.

Aviva said...

Yeah, it's sexist. But for some reason I can't muster up the outrage I should probably feel. This may be in part do to the fact that Virgin has seduced me with it's fancy in-seat video consoles, free checked baggage and comfy seats. I'm a lost cause. ;-)