Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is what a feminist looks like?

Um, Ms. magazine, I don't quite get this:

Are you trying to say that Obama qua Superman will save feminism? Oooh! Or is he going to save feminists from themselves? Or...or...maybe he'll achieve everything that feminists have been trying to achieve because he's...wait for it...Superman.

Perhaps within the actual magazine issue this baffling cover will become clear, but for now I'm flummoxed.

(H/T Feminist Law Professors)


Anonymous said...

Nominate the issue for NOW’s Media Hall of Shame.

Brianna J said...

I rather think that Ms. was going for magazine-selling shock value. Obama has said that he's a feminist, so it's not inaccurate.

The superman thing is weird. But like you said, I'll have to read the article before judging it too harshly. Perhaps they only meant that it's a secret identity, that people will be surprised when they find out. said...

Brianna, has he really said he's a feminist? If so, that's great and something I didn't know. When did he said you know?

Brianna J said...


Linked from the Feminist Law Profs. post :)

I think he said it another time, too, but can't remember when.