Saturday, January 24, 2009

Suggestions Please!: Radical/WOC/Alternative/Global Feminist Blogs

Ojibway Migisi Bineshii and I are trying to generate a list of 100 (or so) radical/alternative/racially- and ethnically-diverse feminist/gender blogs as a companion/alternative to this list. We would LOVE your suggestions! Please leave links in the comments (if you think your own blog fits the bill, that's great too) and we'll post the list to both our blogs once it's compiled.

Thanks in advance, and please do forward this post to friends and/or ask for suggestions far and wide. We'd like to amass as diverse and comprehensive a list as possible!


sally said...

Have you thought about what you consider feminist? A lot of my favorite WOC bloggers do not self-identify as feminist and/or feel strongly disconnected from the feminist "movement." I have a lot that I can't think of right now, but just off the top of my head, here are some fave WOC bloggers & blogs: Brownfemipower now has flip flopping joy, then there's Womanist Musings, elle, phd, Mamita Mala is here now, Angry Black Bitch... damn, I love me some WOC bloggers haha

Aviva, email me if you need any other ideas. This is a GREAT idea for a list. I can't wait to see the end results.

Anonymous said...

Hi, GREAT project. I agree with Frau that it would be helpful to know what you consider feminist.

I like these blogs, which might be what you're looking for?

Ajijaak said...

Glad you posted about this! I will post in my blog as well to see if anyone else has ideas and suggestions. said...

Sally and lingualx: Good point! I guess we should be a bit clearer about what we're looking for, although I think part of the issue is that we won't know exactly what we're looking for until we find it! I don't want to close off any possible categories of blog-dom because our criteria were too specific. That said, I interpret "feminist," in this case, fairly broadly, meaning bloggers who are pro-gender equality and pro-woman (in all the various ways that could possibly be interpreted). I definitely don't want to limit the list to only blogs whose contributors self-identify as feminist. I hope that explanation helps a little.

And thanks for the suggestions so far!