Friday, January 2, 2009

Hiatus over

We here at Fourth Wave were, as many of you, either out of town or completely preoccupied for the holidays. We should be back to posting as usual in a day or two.



Mujeres Construyendo said...

I came to visit and read your blog. I liked it and find interesting posts and topics.
Greetings from Mexico.

Alice said...

I sent you more than one email because I want to help with your site but you don't seem to answer them.

I notice you have moved from wordpress to bloggger and now I cannot log in to post.


Aviva DV said...

@Alice: I haven't received any emails from you, nor was this blog ever on Wordpress. Either you're confusing me with someone or you're just trolling.

Alice said...

not trolling and I did confuse you with another site with a similar name. My apologies.

Aviva DV said...

@Alice: No problem.