Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gene Robinson at "We Are One" event

You've all probably heard by now (or noticed it yourself if you were watching the HBO broadcast), that Bishop Gene Robinson's invocation during the pre-inaugural "We Are One" event was cut off (probably unintentional, but pretty negligent on the part of whomever planned the broadcast/event schedule). Well, here's the invocation for those of us (that's pretty much everyone who wasn't in the audience) who missed it:

(H/T Feminist Law Professors)

Also, check out Bishop Robinson's appearance on last night The Daily Show.

And, last but not least, Gwen and Tonni wrote an incredibly compelling post today on feminism and religion over at Girl w/Pen.


Dr. Jay SW said...

Well, if Sunday was anything like Tuesday, few people there saw it, either (my first thought after Obama's speech was "I can hardly wait to get home to see it on youtube). Thanks for posting it.... said...

You're welcome. I can't wait to hear/read(?) more about your experiences there.