Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 Weblog Awards

Check out and vote in the 2008 Weblog Awards! While I certainly haven't read every blog in every category (far from it--my Google Reader's overloaded enough as it is), I do have a few favorites, listed below the cut. There are 45 categories, so, suffice it to say, the list below is not complete; you'll have to check out the site for all the awesome blogs. Voting ends at 5pm EST on Tuesday, January 13, 2009, and you can cast your vote every 24 hours so get to it!

Aviva's picks for the 2008 Weblog Awards
(These picks do not express the views of all the contributors here at Fourth Wave, just me)

Best Blog: Huffington Post

Best Comic Strip: xkcd (I also enjoy Town Called Dobson)

Best Liberal Blog: Shakesville

Best LGBT Blog: The Bilerco Project

Best Pet Blog: Cute Overload

Best Food Blog: epicurious

Best Fashion Blog: Go Fug Yourself

Best Podcast: This American Life

Best Major Blog (Authority over 1001): PostSecret

Best Very Large Blog (Authority between 501 and 1000): Bitch PhD

Best Large Blog (Authority between 301 and 500): Mombian: Sustenance for Lesbian Moms

Best Midsize Blog (Authority between 201 and 300): Hoyden About Town

Happy Voting!

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