Thursday, December 4, 2008

I knew I liked him for a reason...

At a press conference on Wednesday, Governor Paterson of New York (most well-known for taking over after former Governor Spitzer's call-girl scandal), criticized the state commission for its lack of female candidates for Chief Judge:
“It seems highly unusual,” Mr. Paterson said during a press conference at his Midtown Manhattan office. “I don’t accept that there wasn’t a woman in this state that wasn’t qualified to serve on the Court of Appeals.”

Mr. Cuomo, who appeared with the governor at the press conference, also registered his outrage. “To circumscribe, limit the governor to only men, and for the commission to say, ‘We searched the state, we couldn’t find a single, solitary qualified woman to serve on the bench’ — something is wrong,” he said. “We will be exploring the available legal options, discussing it with the governor and his team and deciding where to go from here.”

H/T Feminist Daily News

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