Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The third wave

I have a lot to say about third wave feminism and the need for feminism in general. As you can probably guess, that's half the reason I started this blog (the other half had to do with the election; now that that's over, I'm turning my focus to feminist issues full-time).

Since Fourth Wave launched back in August, I've been meaning to write a post entitled "Why not third wave?" in order to explain the name of this blog (which is not meant as an arbitrary, cutesy or opportunistic addendum to the third wave). That said, I've obviously had a bit of a mental block with the actual post, even though I've engaged in several discussions over email and in person regarding how I imagine the "fourth wave." Feminism today is especially difficult to define and, hence, thinking about how it can be enacted and where/when it is necessary is a continuing and essential aspect of our roles as feminists (and as feminist bloggers).

I'm going to be on a plane most of the day tomorrow, and I'm hoping to use that captive air-time to finally articulate my thoughts on the fourth wave and the goals/hopes/aims/ambitions of this blog. In the meantime, though, I'm curious about your thoughts on feminism today...be it third wave, fourth wave, fifth wave or something else...

How do you define contemporary feminism? What do you envision as the future of feminism?

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