Saturday, November 1, 2008

Music for the Election

Here's some music for the election:

First, something from before women were even allowed to vote. I couldn't find any online recordings of music from the Women's Suffrage movement, but here's a song that anyone can sing (Sing it to the tune of 'Auld Lang Syne'):

I have a neighbor, one of those
Not very hard to find
Who know it all without debate
And never change their mind

I asked him "What of woman's rights?"
He said in tones severe--
"My mind on that is all made up,
Keep woman in her sphere."

I saw a man in tattered garb
Forth from the grog-shop come
He squandered all his cash for drink
and starved his wife at home

I asked him "Should not woman vote"
He answered with a sneer--
"I've taught my wife to know her place,
Keep woman in her sphere."

I met an earnest, thoughtful man
Not many days ago
Who pondered deep all human law
The honest truth to know

I asked him "What of woman's cause?"
The answer came sincere --
"Her rights are just the same as mine,
Let woman choose her sphere."

(For the curious, a few other period songs can be found here.)

Much has changed since that time. Women can vote now, and we are at least equal according to law (for the most part). Than again, look at how much has stayed the same! Society is still full of drunken jerks who despise women and abuse their wives. Everyone still has a know-it-all neighbor like that. People might not use the phrase 'women's sphere' anymore - but when was the last time you heard someone talk about "women's role's", or heard a "why isn't she back in the kitchen" joke? It's all rather depressing.

So, here's something a little more positive!

I know, I know, everyone's heard that a million times - but I still think that "We Shall Overcome" is fascinating. Notice that it doesn't say what we are overcoming, just that we are. And yet, it's completely obvious to anyone that listens, that we are overcoming injustice, hatred, violence, intolerance, fear - and this universal understanding gives me hope that we really can overcome.

In any case, just remember - whatever happens in the election, this guy is out of there!

Everybody vote!

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