Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feminist Flashback #10

Just under the wire, the 10th Feminist Flashback also marks this blog's 101st post! Landmark moment... Okay... Moving on...

For today's flashback I'm showcasing the photography of Catherine Opie, a contemporary, L.A.-based lesbian artist whose amazing portrait photographs and sharp still-lives/landscapes showcase the stark realities and simple beauty of our lived communities (especially LGBTQ communities). For an overview of her work, check out her bio on the Guggenheim Museum's website.

I find her work, particularly her portraits and her Domestic series (which chronicles lesbian families across the country) really haunting and beautiful. Hence, in honor of LGBTQ people and their families, today's post is also a tribute to same-sex marriage (down with Prop 8!) and the struggle for equality (there's a selection of photos below the cut):

Self-Portrait, 1993

Being and Having, 1991

Miggi & Ilene, Los Angeles, California, 1995, from the series Domestic

Melissa & Lake, Durham, North Carolina, 1998, from the series Domestic

Catherine, Melanie and Sadie Rain, 1998, from the series Domestic

Self-Portrait/Nursing, 2004

For some more, high-quality photos, check out this online exhibition.

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