Saturday, October 18, 2008

Farewell to Opus

Berkeley Breathed, the Pulizer Prize winning cartoonist responsible for Bloom Country and Opus will be publishing his last Opus cartoon on November 2nd. In his interview with Salon he cautions:
We're not a movie. In most aspects, there's no arc to the human story. Only a line heading upward. For nearly everything. In this case, the coarsening of the National Discourse. We aren't returning someday to any sort of golden era of political civility.[...]It's not so much dark times now, as profane and loud. Satire you'll have, oh dear me, indeedy yes. "Vomitous" and "awash" are two words that come to mind. It used to be that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. How antediluvian. Rather, everyone will now want a satirical YouTube film with 15 megabytes. Satire we'll have. Rather, the real dearth in our world will be sweetness, comfort, thoughtfulness and civility. If I could do "Peanuts," that's what I'd be doing. Alas, I've tried.

I've included a couple Opus strips as homage below the cut (click to enlarge):

H/T Yoga for Cynics

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