Thursday, September 11, 2008


I'm relatively new to this regular-blogging shtick (having only blogged irregularily in the past) and that newness--combined with the insanity that is my Google Reader--is making me feel a little schizophrenic. Should I blog today about Sarah Palin (again!) or sex education or abortion or why I think third wave feminism is over and done with? It's just too much (not to mention that I'm absolutely overwhelmed with the brilliance of many of my fellow bloggers--see "other blogs" sidebar for a sampling--even though they're currently part of my Google-Reader-overload-problem)! So, while I get my head on straight and get off the internet for a little while so I can actually write a coherent post, here are a few things that have caught my interest recently:

Habladora over at The Feminist Underground writes an excellent response to the question Are All Women Pro-Woman?

Cara at The Curvature urges us to Chill, be positive and let Obama do what he does best.

Amy at Appetite for Equal Rights adds her perspective to the discussion about why Sarah Palin is Not a Feminist.

And, the 64th Carnival of Feminists is up over at This is What a Feminist Blogs Like. That alone should keep me busy for the next few weeks!


Brianna J said...

Hey! I found your blog via a long list of links, and it looks interesting.

As per your (rhetorical?) question, you should blog about why you think third wave feminism is over and done with! I read the first post, and I thought that 3rd wave feminism was supposed to be the replacement for 1970's feminism. Your perspective must be interesting, and I am curious to hear it.

M.R.Ambrose said...

My blog inspiration seems to just kind of fall in my lap. Just see what comes across your desk. If something draws a lot of emotion out of you...write about it. I also read lots of different blogs and publication for more inspiration. Also, having a collective of bloggers on one blog helps to keep the creative flow going without pressure to write super often. Although I have had trouble getting people really excited about the blog and writing for it, but they say they will! haha!
oh!press pass said...

@ brianna: That's definitely something I hope to blog about in the very near future (this weekend?). I just haven't quite figured out the right angle.

@ m.r.ambrose: Thanks for the advice. Inspiration isn't really my problem. It's that there are so many things I want to write about it hard to choose just one at a time!