Thursday, September 4, 2008

Behind every great man is a whiny woman

I don't usually consider The Defamer a news-source extraordinaire, but when my fellow blogger, Few, sent me this article about Susan Sarandon's recent interview in the gay news magazine The Advocate, I had to check it out.

While, of course, Sarandon is entitled to her opinion, I can't help but be seriously piqued by her use of the words "blamer" and "whiner" to describe Hillary Clinton, as well as her claim that Senator Clinton wouldn't have had any political cache if she hadn't been a) a woman and b) Bill Clinton's wife. Huh.

Here's an except from The Advocate interview, which you can check out yourself in its entirety:

You’ve played quite a few real-life people now. Would you like to play Hillary Clinton in the movie of her life?
No. I’ve been around her and don’t find her… At this point, to say after what’s happened to her campaign and how they squandered all that money and all the different reasons her campaign fell apart, to blame it on sexism, I find so destructive to every young girl who dreams about making a difference through government. Instead of saying, "Look how far I’ve gotten and you can do it too," and all the positive things she could have done, she’s turned into such a blamer and whiner, as if that was the reason, when clearly she wouldn’t have been in the position she was in if she hadn’t been a woman. If she hadn’t been married to that man and hadn’t had the Democratic machine behind her. To now turn around and say it was sexism I find so dishonorable and really destructive to women all over, young women all over. So I don’t really respect her enough to want to play her, and I find it sad and disappointing.

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